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Routing handles the matching of incoming url to the respective file. We use tree traversal algorithms to generate a routing tree for each project from their UrlPatterns (which are generated from respective k-dl tags)

Note: segment is the part of url path between two consecutive forward slashes '/'.

Precedence Order

Following is the precedence order we follow for sorting all the url patterns in a project.

  • Simple urls first (purely static url patterns)
  • More complex urls later (complexity is the number of regexes in the url patterns)
    • Regexes closer to the start of segment match first
    • Regexes close to the end of the segment match next
    • Segments completely made up of regex match at the last

Optional Segments

To match end user behaviour and cleaner urls, we make segment having only currentPageNumber as the last segment of the url pattern, optional. This is only for LIST and SEARCH page types.

e.g. If you have a k-dl like /products/[[View('products.html.dl').currentPageNumber]]
Then the page would also be accessible at /products/