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Creating dynamic websites

Now that you have your static website live, let's make it dynamic!

With kitsune making a website dynamic is so easy that you can do it in just a few hours.


Step 1: Open the project in kitsune IDE

Step 2: Create a schema for your website or load an existing one

Step 3: Add kitsune tags

Step 4: Add data in your k-admin

And you're all set!

Kitsune IDE

To open your project in kitsune IDE:

Step 1: On the kitsune dashboard, click on the top right menu on your project.


Step 2: Select the option i.e. edit in IDE. This will open your project in kitsune IDE.

kitsune IDE

Looks pretty cool right? ;-)

Step 3: After you have changed all the required changes in the IDE. Select Save button from the top right and save the project.

Step 4 : Press Build on the top right corner to build your project and you will see your project been built and ready to be served.

kitsune IDE

Looks pretty cool right? ;-)


You can also directly open the kitsune IDE from and log in using the same GMAIL ID as the one used while signing in onto the dashboard.