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How to use Data Model?

All the classes present in the schema are accessed using the base class. (in our case the Business class)

For example, to render business name in this section:

<h3>Welcome to Our <br><span>Coffee Shop</span></h3>    

About Us section of coffee shop theme

Just write,

<h3>Welcome to Our<br><span>[[]]</span></h3>

This will fetch the name of the business from the k-admin of the client.

Gets business name dynamically

Now change the description of the business,

<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod ..</p>



This will get the business description from the k-admin.

Gets business description dynamically

So whenever you or the client updates any data on k-admin, it automatically gets updated on the website!


Kitsune returns the naked string as the output, not the encoded string. For example: if "Tea & Coffee" is a product name, then the ampersand '&' is returned as '&' instead of '&amp'.

Let's do one more change,

To change the contact number,

<h4>+1 (234) 456-789</h4>

Reservation number change

In the schema if you will see the contactperson is an object of contact class.


Reservation number changes dynamically



Kitsune also comes with inbuilt functions and operators to remove a lot of dependency of JS.