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How to upload your first website on Kitsune??

You can upload a new static website on Kitsune just by drag and drop of all the files!

How? Just follow the steps to host a simple static website and make it live!

Step 1 Login with your Google account by going to Login


Step 2. Download the zip file of the sample website template from here. Unzip this file. It contains a few simple pages like index, contact, about-us, price, services along with style-sheets, scripts, and images.


Step 3. Click on the top right + Button for opening the new project pop up.



Step 4. Drag and drop the entire extracted website folder onto the Kitsune dashboard and let the magic begin :)


But wait! Before the magic starts...

Step 5. Give the project a name and click on create and start uploading.


and see the website been created.



Kudos!! Time for some cheering up! You made your first website in Kitsune. Pat your back for some time before we move on to the next topic.