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Getting Onboard

Getting onboard on Kitsune is easy like never before. You want to create a website from scratch, migrate an existing static website or even start with a existing website that is live to the code of which you have no access to, we got you covered. Getting started with Kitsune platform is as easy as a making a new social account.

Create a new cloud native app project

Create a website from scratch

If you want to start a new website Kitsune offers you a intuitive dashboard and an boilerplate to start from. Kitsune provides you with a default website already created which has a prebuilt skeleton which will help you understand how should you not only start your code but also as in where to keep the assets that you might need in the website development process. Starting from autogenerated folder structure to the proper settings to get you going. We help you with all. If you are a person who doesn't like to fiddle much with the settings, the basic configuration would help you code and deploy any static website of your choice at ease.

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One Click Website Deploy

If you have an existing static website code already present why bother. We got you covered there. Any website folder that you have created or you have present in your system can be added to your kitsune project. Drag and drop your website data to your kitsune project or select the folder that contains the files. Leave the rest to us. We will add your code perfectly to your project and in no time you will be able to view your project code both in IDE and also the preview.

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Crawl an existing website

Hosting a website is as cool as having a rock band. Aint that? Ya, I know after all am the intelligent fox. Getting the code for a hosted website sometimes can be very hard. We all know that, after all we are also developers. But we love our customers thus we take away that pain from you. We bring you the website crawler service of Kitsune. It ain't any normal crawler, it not only optimizes your site but also gets you the proper assets and HTML code needed for you to continue editing your website on kitsune platform.

Kitsune Crawl

Subscribe to ana chat

Hello Jarvis? Ever thought of having your own personal assistant. We did. We don't like to be boring and thus we offer out of the box subscription to our own assistant service - ana chat. Ana helps you create a smart chatbot for your business. It will help you interact with your clients in a more efficient and streamlined manner. Ana helps you design chatbots according to your business logic and gain the power.

“Power! Unlimited power!” — Darth Sidious