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k-dl tag

There are two types of URL's:

  • Static URL : A statitc URL is one that never changes.

For example:

  • Dynamic URL : A dynamic URL is one which changes according to the contents on a webpage.

For example:


Every dynamic page should have a .dl extension. For example: blog.html.dl

k-dl tag creates dynamic link for the webpage.

Code example: For creating dynamic link of a list page (where all the items are listed)

<head k-dl = "latest-news/[[View('blog.html.dl').currentpagenumber]]">
    <title> [[]] - [[]] </title>


A unique identifier is necessary at the end of the url pattern in the k-dl tag. For example: currentpagenumber, index or id

k-dl tag is given in the <head> tag of HTML, this will generate something similar to

In this case the unique identifier is "1" which is the current page number.


k-dl tag is also used with k-object to create detail pages.