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k-show tag

Shows the content if the condition is True.

Scenario 1:

To add a default image in case no image is added with a blog post.

Using k-show tag you can simply check if the image url retured is null or not and give the default image.

<div class="date" k-show="[[coffeeshop.blogpost[0].blogimage.url == null || coffeeshop.blogpost[0].blogimage.url == '']]">
    <img src="/images/coffee_cup.png">

This will only show the specified image if there is no image in the update on k-admin/manage or if the url retured by kitsune backend is null.

k-show with coffee theme to show default image


When kitsune compiles your HTML page, if the condition given with the k-show tag is true, only then shows that HTML tag in its children. Giving you website a seamless appearance :D

Scenario 2:

To show some default message if there are no blog posts currently added on the webpage.

Code example:

<div k-hide="[[coffeeshop.blogpost.length() > 0]]">
    <p>Keep watching this space for information about our awesome products.</p>

This will show the message if there are no products available on k-admin.


You can use k-hide and k-show together to give conditions like: hide the section if no items are available and show some default message/image in its place.

When the client adds the items on k-admin, then the default message disappear and the item(s) will come up.