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The challenge of cloud-native

There is just too much to learn! The following a sneak peek of how the tools and frameworks are evolving:


There are more than 15 public cloud providers, with each of them enabling developers with their own cloud components (like AWS provides Lambda, S3, CDN, API Gateway etc) which are native to the provider. In parallel to this containerisation of application has enabled scaling applications even on-premise. Though containers comes with its own learning curve.

The need of the industry

Developer geeks are already way ahead of the curve. But to push the entire industry forward, there is a need for a development framework which enables developers to only focus on their application logic and not worry about creating learning cloud components, creating a cloud native architecture or deciding which infrastructure provider to go with. The framework should have the capability to transform the application logic into a cloud agnostic yet cloud native architecture.

Introducing kitsune


kitsune is an open source framework that enables developers to write their application logic without having to worry about underlying cloud / infrastructure provider they want to deploy it on. The best part is they all generate a cloud native architecture for your application.

kitsune focuses primarily on web apps. Hence the language syntax of kitsune is optimised for UX developers.