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Mapping your domain to Kitsune

There are two options here:

  • Root domain e.g.
  • Subdomain e.g.

Root Domain Mapping

Depending on your DNS provider there are two ways to do this.

  • Set a CNAME record
  • Set an A record and CNAME record

CNAME Record for Root Domain

  • Set a CNAME of @ or to <target>


A Record for Root Domain

Certain DNS providers allow only setting a A record. If it's the same with your DNS provider then:

  • Set an A record from @ or to
  • Set a CNAME from www to


Subdomain Mapping

For a subdomain like

  • Set a CNAME from your to <target>


You can get the <target> link from live sites section on the dashboard.

DNS Records Verification

After you have added all the data and records to your DNS of the domain. Now is the time to verify all the input records and check whether they are correctly mapping or not.